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ステキ女子への道 今週のお花

Mille des Fleurs (= Millions of flowers in French)


Flowers used in the arrangement are:
・ Stock (Pale yellow flowers)
・ Delphinium (Pale blue flowers. 'Dephin' means 'Dolphin' in Greek.)
・ Larkspur (Pale pink flowers)
・ Viburnum (also known as 'snowball')
・ Craspedia (yellow circle-shaped flowers also known as 'yellow globe')
・ Fiddlehead (ZENMAI/Warabi in Japanese)
・ Erica (tiny niddle shaped leave)
・ Dracaena (also known as 'dragon trees')

I love the pallet of the color of the arrangement!
by moondiva | 2008-05-25 00:00 | 徒然なること