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Are you a coffee-addict?

b0103106_4283825.jpgYes, I am a coffee-addict, and have been trying to cut down the amount.

I’ve been trying not to get any cup of coffee, but Wednesdays have been the exception because of this Starbucks card.

One of my coworkers gave it to me the other day. Starbucks will give you a free 12-ounce cup of Pike Place Roast each Wednesday through May 28 when you present this “Brewed Cup Card”.

Yes, I am a coffee-addict as well as a cheap @ss…how can I possibly ignore a free ride?

Today is the last day of the offer so I went to one of the local stores to use my Wednesday Free Pike’s Roast Coffee Card.

Guess what?

When I showed it to the Barista he handed me a new card for a free Tall iced-brewed-coffee for every Wednesday until July 23rd!

I don’t think I can reduce my coffee consumption for a while.

If you love a cup of coffee and live in one of the following states in the U.S., why don’t you go to Starbucks and ask if you can get one as well?
CT, DC, MA, MD, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT and WV

Enjoy a cup!
by moondiva | 2008-05-28 00:00 | 徒然なること