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Do you enjoy your runs?

I was a last minute person back in college.

In my last semester in college, I had to take a P.E. class. My college offered variety of P.E. classes, including golf, aerobics, fishing, swimming, what have you, but by the time I checked opening for these interesting classes, of course, they were already filled up.

Yeah, I ended up with taking a running class because that’s the only P.E. class available.

I tell you…it was nothing but torture. I forced to run 45 mins twice a week and felt as if I was running on a treadmill that never stops because my teacher was persistently chasing me and yelling at me…yeah, I was always the last person to finish the line in the class.

To pass the class, I had to run 5 miles within a certain time which I do not recall. Guess what? I barely passed and graduated…phew. I don’t even know how it was possible.

Anyway, that said, I did not even imagine I would start running again. I hated running.

According to National Sporting Goods Association, 30.4 million Americans who are seven years of age and older enjoy running/jogging in 2007. 5.5% increases between 2006 and 2007. Believe it or not, running/jogging is (has been?) one of the most popular exercises.

I am not a leader but always a follower and I guess I caught on the trends.

When I was in college, it was not intentional to do my runs at all. However, this time, I’m doing it on my will and that makes the whole world so much different!

I feel better physically, mentally, emotional after my runs.

Running is supposed to be among the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning of your heart and lungs. In fact, studies have shown the health benefits to be enormous, reducing the likelihood of everything from the common cold to cancer. Your stamina will increase. Studies also have found that healthy adults who exercise regularly are generally happier than those who don't.

And running, quite simply, is convenient. You don't need any elaborate gear. Just a pair of shoes and the inclination to get out the door.

Speaking of shoes, my friend just recommended me this store called Jack Rabbit Sports in Union Square in NYC. They use a video analysis system that allows them to compare the way you run in several shoes and recommend the shoes that fit you the most. I’m tempting to go there to get a new pair of shoes.

Thanks to the latest technologies, I can track my runs easily. I just found which allows me to figure out how many miles I would run from where I live to wherever I want to go to.


Also, lots of my friends are so into Nike Plus site as you can track your runs, including distance, time, calories, etc.


Okay, enough.

If you are in NYC and love running, give me a buzz! We can motivate each other and be running buddies! Woo hoo!
by moondiva | 2008-06-05 00:00 | 徒然なること